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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When it comes down to shopping, men and women have different priorities purchasing their products. Where women like to be treated to grand decors and try out products, men are on a shopping mission and don’t like to be distracted, according to Wharton’s ‘Men Buy, Women Shop’ latest study. Researchers at Wharton’s Jay H. Baker Retail Initiative and consulting company Verde Group concluded a stronger relation between women and personal sales assistance in comparison to men. Male consumers turn out to rate their retail experience on parking spaces, product stock and the length of the checkout line.

Female customers appreciate the shopping experience and have higher expectations. Marketing professor Stephen J. Hoch believes women approach shopping in a social and personal way, whereas men are interested in actually buying the needed product. Due to the high expectation level of women over age 40, 53% vs. 48% men experience problems with lack of assistance. 29% of the questioned women consider shortage of help as the top problem.

The research findings can be helpful for retailers to understand the shopping behavior per gender. According to Wharton’s research it can be of great assistance to tailor products and presentation per shopping population.


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